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Dimensions Hair Salon

Where Style is Created.

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Enjoy receiving pampering nail services that can transform the look of your hands

Quick and thorough nail services can help you complete your polished look

Improve the look of your hands and nails when you receive nail services at Dimensions Hair Salon. Experienced technicians can help you relax and leave the worries of the day behind you.


Treat yourself to a peaceful and relaxing visit to have your nails pampered and manicured. Relax with a facial that will leave your skin feeling great.


Waxing services to remove unwanted hair are also available. Save time by visiting a salon that can provide all the beauty services you desire in one visit.

Having smooth, healthy skin can be a wonderful experience

Having wonderful looking skin can be a great convenience. Save time by decreasing your morning routine. Skip your foundation when you are pressed for time and know that you still look youthful and polished.


Treat yourself to routine facials at Dimensions Hair Salon that can help you achieve skin that doesn't even require makeup! Trained skin care specialists can help you choose treatments to reduce acne flare ups or moisturize dry skin. Get a custom treatment prepared to address your skin concerns.


Experience the time saving benefits of professional makeup application. Learn new ways to apply your makeup from the talented staff who have over 20 years in cosmetology.